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HYBRID EVENTS: What they are and how to use them to maximise your event’s reach

Believe it or not, we at 247 Webcasting love physical events. As much as we live and breathe webinars and virtual events, there’s nothing quite like the buzz and atmosphere of networking with like-minded professionals in a stylish venue. Plus, you might even get some sandwiches! But we increasingly see companies missing out on the easiest event […]

Part 2: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (of Webinar Design!)

Part 2: Lobby Page and Confirmation Emails In Part 1 of our Good, Bad and Ugly guide to Webinar Design, we covered the building of your Registration Pages, and how to optimise the design and content to drive sign-ups, and how to perfectly blend form and function. So – congratulations! – you have enticed your […]

Part 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (of Webinar Design!)

Part 1: REGISTRATION The key to great webinar design is giving equal importance to both how your webinar looks, and how engaging it is for your audience; this is the classic design principle of form following function. It may sound simple, but after well over a decade in the industry, we at 247 Webcasting have […]

PAY-PER-VIEW (PPV) WEBINARS: What they are and when to use them

Webinars are one of the most effective methods for digital lead generation. Not only are they a vital source of digital data capture, but they can provide you with highly valuable insights into your target market, and provide a cost-effective way to engage with a truly global audience. This is why they’re such an intrinsic […]

10 Common Webinar Mistakes

There is more to a successful webinar than just a great presenter and his attentive audience. It all starts with careful planning, followed by proper execution to keep audiences engaged and interested, while providing value even after a scheduled presentation. In order to maximize the possibilities of a successful webinar, you should be aware of […]

Webcasting for Law Firms

Lawyers should showcase their expertise to prospects and clients in an innovative way in order to stand out. Using webcasts enables them to effectively and efficiently do so, while also marketing themselves and distributing content. Furthermore, webcasting platforms allow law firms to gather valuable information that can be used in business development endeavours. Today, webcasts […]

Webcasting for Life Sciences Companies

Medical practitioners and health care providers know the importance of using the internet for getting readily available information. However, life sciences companies take the brunt of the negative effect of this scenario especially when more and more of their target customers are being driven by increased global competition, decreased budgets, and declining sales force. Many […]

Webcasting for Financial Services

Financial institutions always have crucial decisions to make and serious communication challenges. Among them are the mandatory trainings and recertification they need to provide to their certified employees, and ensuring that there is a continuous stream of company information and updates to their staff and partners. They also require an aggressive external communications approach to […]

Webcasting for Accounting Firms

Webcasting has become an important tool for accounting firms to communicate with their customers, partners, employees, and prospects. Small to large accounting firms are using webcasts for a number of applications such as CPE (continuing professional education), training, corporate communications, and marketing. Webcasting and virtual presentations allows you to engage, interact, and customize user experience. […]

Benefits of On-Demand and Simulive Events

Developing superior webcasts for marketing, sales and training purposes take time, money and energy. The current options you have from a webcast provider will help determine if you can extend the life of your presentations in such a way that you reach more audiences and succeed at lead generation. Delivering valuable content is, of course, […]