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    Your business is moving forward, is your technology holding you back?

    Gone are the days when off-the-shelf, one size fits all, generic Webinars were your only option, 247 Webcasting are here to provide something different.

    Professional, easy to use, secure, and viewed straight from your browser, there are no downloads, no downtime, no complications, just simply great performance backed up by unrivalled technical support.

    247 Webcasting. A new breed of Webinar Platform Provider.

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  • Why choose 247 Webcasting for your Webinars?

  • The interface you get with 247 Webcasting was designed by users, for users, so what you and your attendees see is a clean, clear, engaging, and intuitive portal.

    Our Interface is fully customisable to your own brand - the only time your attendees will know we’re here is if they need our help. Attendees require no downloads, add-ons, or installations, and with the audio coming direct from the live or on-demand stream itself, all they’ll need is the internet and a device to view it on.

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  • At 247 Webcasting we believe the devil is in the Data. There is no point to marketing investment without the performance metrics, and engagement analytics, to measure its success.

    That’s why we have designed and built an in-depth, fully comprehensive analytics programme that provides you with complete performance metric visibility, in real-time.

    Our Insight Dashboard records every click, conversion, question, document download, and interaction made by your attendees. All viewable in real-time during your event and safely saved for all the post-event analysis you desire, and all of this comes as standard with any 247 Webinar.

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  • We know that you’re busy, we know that your I.T. guys are busy, we know that you may not even have an I.T guy, that’s we why we’ve created our Webinar Platform to be quick and easy to install, and equally as simple to use.

    A few straightforward steps and you’ll be ready to present your first 247 Webinar. You can create templates to replicate and automate, preserving that all-important brand consistency, and our intuitive Content Management System will show you exactly what your attendees will experience. All managed and viewed straight from your web browser.

    Should you need a point in the right direction, then our Knowledge Bank contains how-to guides and video tutorials, plus our Tech Team is always on hand to help. We’re here 24/7, not 9 to 5.

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  • We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt our eyes start to glaze over, we’ve all realised we haven’t been listening, we’ve all looked down to see our notebook covered in doodles during a Webinar. That doesn’t happen with a 247 Webcasting event.

    We know that keeping your audience engaged, driving real-time interactivity, and involving your attendees on a personal level is key to an interesting, professional, and successful online event, that’s why we have developed a comprehensive suite of Webinar Widgets to maximise engagement.

    Live polls, real-time surveys, instant chat, social media integration, sharing, saving, multi-media, and much more. You can create the Webinar you wish you had attended.

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  • 247 Webcasting believes in efficiency, we want you to avoid the double-data entry, the counter-productive marketing loops, and the multi-file data searching.

    That’s why our Webinar Platform will integrate with the CRM tool you use most.

    View and save your insights, data, contacts, and conversations directly in your existing systems, allowing you to optimise the opportunities created by your 247 Webinar.

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