Automatic Closed Captioning!

We’re excited to introduce the first iteration of the platforms automated closed captioning capabilities. This new functionality automatically creates closed captioning files from your live or pre-recorded On Demand and Simu-live webcasts. For a live webcast, when your live webcast goes to on demand, a closed captioning file (.vtt) will be automatically created for the language of the live webcast. For pre-recorded On Demand and Simu-live, when you publish…

Full screen slide view for attendees

Now your webinar attendees have the ability to view your webinar content in full screen. When in full screen, anything you push to your audience like slides, video, screen share, polls, and questions will also be displayed in the expanded view.

New Modern User Interface

Next time you log in to ON24, you’ll immediately notice the new and improved user interface. With the updated navigation, you’ll encounter a more modern, user-friendly experience. Please note the way you create and manage your webinars will remain the same.

Simplified media imports between webinars

Marketers today are almost obsessed with content syndication — and what content is more valuable than webinars? This new update makes it easier to reuse webinar content and create new on-demand and simulive webinars from past events. Now you can import storyboard content and presenter media from a completed live webcast into any on-demand, simulive, or sim-2-live webinar.

Enhanced social sharing within your webcasts

We know that one of your top interests is driving more awareness and boosting registration for your events. That’s why we continue to make it easier to promote and share your webinars. This new update will display a featured image and your webinar abstract, in addition to the event title and date, when people share the webinar on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Discontinuing support for IE8, IE9, and IE10

In line with our policy of only supporting software that has vendor support, we will be following Microsoft’s lead and discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10. We strongly recommend that all ON24 users update to the most current version of their favorite browser. This change won’t present a big disruption for most of our users, who are already on modern browsers.

247 webcasting implement their “Work from home initiative”

As of January 4th 2016 we have implemented our “work from home initiative” Based around our piece “let’s talk carbon” we found that our work place literally had staff working 24/7 (comes with the company name I suppose!) servicing our vast client list from APAC, through standard UK working hours then into ET, PT then Australia. We already had a plan in place allowing flexible hours for our staff to…

Let’s talk Carbon!

In this ever evolving technical world, the need for arduous traveling is becoming an obsolete element, in most cases it’s just no longer needed and could be classed as a waste of 2 of the most important resources in a business, TIME and MONEY We have simulated a few calculations below based on information provided by WHATCAR Sales Reps travelling to prospective clients A team of 5…

Presenter Conference Bridge

The Presenter Conference Bridge is a control panel that allows the Producer to manage all dialed-in presenters. Each number will automatically be assigned a name from Caller ID, but the producer can also quickly edit these names to provide more accuracy if necessary. The Producer has the ability to mute/unmute and disconnect presenters from the conference bridge.

Show and Hide Storyboard

In order to provide presenters with more space in Presentation Manager, we have created the option to completely hide the storyboard from view. At the top, you will see an arrow icon that when clicked will hide the storyboard from the view. Click again to show the Storyboard.