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Additional Services and Custom Builds: We build it your way!

Just as our Pay-As-You-Go offering was created to meet the need for those businesses and organisations for whom contracts just didn’t work, we also understand that not all Webinars fall within the scope of our standard fully-managed Webinar service.

That’s why we have a comprehensive list of additional services and advanced options, that can be incorporated in to your event build; so, we can build a truly bespoke event, that is precisely tailored to your exact requirements.

Please see below for details of our standard Fully-Managed Webinar, and all additional services.

Please note: these are our core additional services, but we can provide, develop and build any number of custom options to suit your needs.


Our Fully-Managed Webinars include as standard:

  • Fully-managed service with a dedicated Webcast Manager
  • Up to 90 minutes streaming to up to 1000 live attendees
  • 12 months On-Demand hosting
  • Bespoke-built console with custom registration page and emails
  • Highly-detailed data and analytics reports
  • Full speaker and moderator training provided
  • Live on-the-day technical support
  • Rapid turn-around from the moment you deliver your content to us


Increased audience capacity for live attendee numbers exceeding 1000.

Additional 30-minute broadcast slots for events exceeding 120 minutes.

This is an MP4 recording of your complete event provided as a standalone file.
Specifically designed for Hybrid events, we can either provide our own full professional A/V Team, or an onsite A/V producer to work with your own (or your venue’s) crew. With solutions ranging from a single static camera and table mic, all the way through to multi-camera and robotic cam set-ups with lapel mics, audience boom, and roving mics; no matter the size of your event, we can provide a bespoke service to meet your requirements.
This is required for studio set-ups, hybrid events, and for high-quality video streams that require the use of encoders.
We can integrate your existing CRM into our webcasting platform, or take control of your off-platform CRM for webinar data capture. Our experienced team will be on hand to assist with the set-up of landing pages, promotional emails and work flows, directly in to your CRM.
Perfectly suited to larger-scale corporate clients, or those SME/SMBs without an in-house digital marketing team; we assign you a dedicated Project Manager to essentially work as an extension of your own organisation. We work with you to define your online engagement strategy; build, train, run and troubleshoot your events; and collate your data. Providing performance feedback and expert guidance, throughout the entire project.
Built from the ground-up in HTML and customised to your bespoke layout and appearance. We incorporate your own branding and any specific fonts – in accordance with your brand guidelines – and can even create the page to accommodate multi-event registration.
We can create bespoke, secure-gated registration for hosted content. This can be anything from white papers and PDFs, to video content. Hosted on our own 247 Secure servers, we create custom pages to match your branding, so the gated site looks like an extension of your company. We will tailor all registration fields and data capture to suit your requirements.
We will make any required edits to your content files, including cropping and resizing, colour amendments, saturation adjustment, cutting and splicing, cleaning audio files etc. Ideally suited to those businesses who do not have their own in-house marketers or designers.

Our services include a great and wide variation of styles, but for these events that need a full customisation to match your strict branding guidelines or to mimic your website exactly, we can create you a custom template.

The good thing is once created, we keep it on file for your account, so you can use it repeatedly without occurring a recharge.

Running a series? Why not limit the number of promotional emails you have to send (and your users have to receive) by having all webinars on a single page. Simple check boxes for the ones they want to attended and/or a button for attend all with a single registration form! Each webinar still has its individual reporting still!

If you run out of service packs you can simply buy more as a bolt on, remember the more you buy the more you save. (click for more information)

To book a webinar, arrange a live demo, or simply to chat about how webinars can fit in with your business strategy, simply fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch:

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