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Webcasting for Life Sciences Companies

Medical practitioners and health care providers know the importance of using the internet for getting readily available information. However, life sciences companies take the brunt of the negative effect of this scenario especially when more and more of their target customers are being driven by increased global competition, decreased budgets, and declining sales force.

Many life sciences companies often find it difficult to engage with healthcare provider and medical practitioner audiences using traditional marketing strategies such as conferences, dinner meetings, and other audience-focused events. In order to reach, engage, and educate their audiences, they must improve their modes of communication.

Deploying more sales people can be a big hurdle when costs and location are involved. It’s no small task to train and provide staff with enough resources if the above issues are looming. Taking into consideration the ever-growing market and competition, staff issues can become an additional hurdle if modes of communication and training platform are not addressed altogether.

Why Life Sciences Companies Should Use Webcasting

  • Use webcasting to make events more accessible which enhances the sales team’s interactions with medical practitioners and health care providers, and also to reach larger target audiences. Since webcasting platforms run in the cloud, presentations can be streamed live and accessed on demand.
  • Webcast platforms are also made to deliver high-quality branded product and marketing content in both live and on-demand versions. Expanding audience reach and increasing brand recognition can be done in order for global audiences to access information and events from anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Life sciences companies can reduce costs in tremendous amounts by using webcasts to increase audience reach, branding, and messaging. Cost is typically calculated per participant particularly for events such as dinner meetings, luncheons, speaker trainings, new product announcements, electronic detailing, conventions/symposiums, advisory boards, and other types of meetings and forums.
  • Innovative tools and features also enable producers to create and deliver media-rich video and audio webcasts that can be customised and branded accordingly. Adding social media, collaboration, and networking widgets within the webcast console enhances audience interaction and provides an immersive and more momentous audience experience.
  • Life sciences companies can use webcasts to create a networking centre for social media interaction and collaboration, and a resource centre for clinical research and product information with integrated registration and reporting tools.
  • Training and providing resources to the sales team are more convenient using webcasts. Creating live and on-demand training materials and resources for global sales teams is more convenient, with less hassles, and at a fraction of the usual cost. Trainers and sales managers can also update and disseminate new materials using messaging or email feature of webcasting platforms.
  • Eliminating or reducing time and cost in travelling are significant improvements when using webcasts. These changes can highly affect in-person meetings with clients, partners, and sales people in many ways. One of them is being able to do all of these without worrying about specific locations and travel time.
  • Marketing new products and indications via webcast reduces time and money spent. Life science companies are able to produce promotional materials in the shortest time possible and with less money involved. It is also more convenient to disseminate marketing materials to global teams and promote directly to health care providers and medical practitioners by sending them a link to the online presentation.

Many life sciences companies have experienced the benefits of webcasting in many aspects of their business. Whether for internal or external use, webcasts have provided numerous ways and solutions to meet theirs and their clients’ needs with less expense and time spent.

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