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Webcasting for Financial Services

Financial institutions always have crucial decisions to make and serious communication challenges. Among them are the mandatory trainings and recertification they need to provide to their certified employees, and ensuring that there is a continuous stream of company information and updates to their staff and partners.

They also require an aggressive external communications approach to update clients and prospects on investment opportunities, market conditions, and new services. Financial institutions with asset management services are also keen on focusing on asset growth and retention.

In order to strengthen business, brand awareness within their distribution channels is essential. Building and fostering long-term relationships with financial advisors is, eventually, what propels these corporate goals.

Financial institutions also need to continually search for opportunities to be cost-effective, but it can be difficult especially in a crowded market and with numerous information, vendors, and solutions at their doorstep. Having the right answers that will benefit the firm in the long-term is crucial in their decision-making process.

Why Financial Institutions Should Use Webcasting

On-going communication is crucial for all businesses, particularly in the financial services sector. Many of today’s financial institutions are deploying innovative communication solutions such as video and web conferencing. However, many of these firms fail to notice the critical role of webcasting as an integral part of their communications strategy.

Webcasting expands a financial firm’s reach to large, dispersed audiences by either streaming a live or on-demand content. Forward-thinking companies have seen significant improvements in using this technology to support their marketing, training, lead generation, and certification endeavors.

It is ideal to find the right webcasting platform with capabilities that let you customise and create unique presentations that cater to your needs. More importantly, your webcasting platform should be user-friendly to allow you to: create and deliver content, control the user and attendee experience, and manage the registration, follow-up, and participation.

Benefits of Using Webcasts

To further understand why financial services should use a webcasting platform as a business tool and strategy, we have listed some of its chief benefits:

Increase Efficiency via Internal Communications

Using webcasts enables financial institutions to provide updates, guidance, and information to diverse business groups, research analysts, partners, management, account teams, and brokers. Webcasting also increases efficiencies on a daily basis by facilitating safe, real-time communications for creating an interactive medium for morning calls, CFO updates, executive debriefs, company town halls, launching daily coverage, and more.

Produce Virtual Client Centres

Producing virtual client centres enables financial services to provide clients a branded, interactive virtual environment that directly guides them to resources and a medium for real-time interaction with fund managers and account teams.

Produce Virtual Research/Learning Centres

Having instant access to research and guides is crucial for fund and asset managers, account teams, and brokers. It is vital to produce a virtual medium for presentations and content (from research analysts and experts) which they can access on-demand, on any device, and from anywhere. Virtual research and learning centers boost reach and accessibility of important content and, with in-depth analytics, efficiently gauge the use and value of research.

Create Interactive Training

It is also essential for financial services firms to provide live and on-demand training sessions to employees. This ensures that their accountants, advisors, and analysts receive the necessary training and certification, so they can effectively represent the firm without disrupting business continuity.

Trainees and employees can communicate via webcasting platform using the online Q&A and chat, and interactive features such as real-time polling, automated testing, questionnaires, and certificate generation to fulfill CPE requirements.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics allow financial services firms to capture attendees’ behaviors (e.g. webcasts viewed, downloaded content, time spent on each presentation), and the results of surveys, Q&As and polls enable firms to create detailed profiles of potential clients which significantly improves the quality of leads and the value of their marketing investment.

Enhancing business strategies is among the top priorities of financial services firms. And with webcasting, this can be achieved at a lesser amount of time and with a lot of benefits for firms and clients.

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