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Maximise your reach with Hybrid events: The best of both worlds

As wonderful as live physical events are, there’s no denying the fact that their reach is highly limited. From the venue capacity, to transport links, to travel restrictions, to your clients’ home location; you are hindered by a large number of factors as to who can actually attend.

By opting for a Hybrid set-up – where you run a highly engaging webinar at the same time, live streaming your event content – you can not only maximise your outreach, but you would capture the data and engagement of all those clients and prospects who were not able to attend in person.

What better way to truly maximise the ROI on your overall event budget, and enable you to re-engage with both the physical and virtual attendees at a later date; as the whole event is hosted “on-demand” for 12 months thereafter.

By utilising our Broadcast Video capabilities, and employing the services of either our 247 approved A/V team, your in-house experts, or the venue’s own A/V crew; you simply introduce a camera and microphone set-up on-site the day before your event, and we have it all ready to roll an hour before your event goes live

Your 247 Webcasting dedicated Webcast Manager then liaises with the onsite producer, they connect the encoders, and you’re ready to live stream the whole event!

On the webcast side, you still have full-service support from your Webcast Manager, and we will be capturing all that valuable online-attendee data for your post-event follow-ups.

What if you have multiple sessions, with numerous speakers, over a number of days? Again, this is absolutely no problem; we can set up multiple webinar feeds and design your very own custom registration page, enabling people to register for which sessions they wish to attend in a single form!

Yes, absolutely, we can build a non-streaming version of the console, so your physical attendees can engage with your downloadable resources, presentations, live polls, surveys, and submit questions, all while watching the action live and in-person!

By simply scanning a QR code, they will access a ‘non-streaming’ version of the webinar, enabling them to interact with a huge variety of engagement tool options – bespoke built to your requirements. Each and every click, download, question and interaction is captured by our detailed reporting and analytics tools.

Not only does this save you the time and expense of correlating data from both virtual and physical audiences, it also means you can avoid paying for costly third-party data collection options on-site.

No, not at all. People LOVE attending physical events, and if an attendee wishes to attend live, then the option of online attendance won’t deter them. Webinars will never replace real-life human interactions; they simply enhance the business applications, data capture and effectiveness of those interactions.

And once you’ve sent out all your live attendance invites and received your RSVPs, you can simply invite those who – for whatever reason – are unable to attend, to your live stream webinar.

What’s more, you can send everyone (whether they attended online, in-person, or not at all) a post-event invite to view the on-demand version of your event; with all captured data automatically uploaded to your reporting and analytics tool.

To book a webinar, arrange a live demo, or simply to chat about how webinars can fit in with your business strategy, simply fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch:

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