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Engaging Your Audience

A well-planned webcast must be able to generate leads through proper audience engagement since this is the necessary step towards nurturing your audience. Your primary aim is to increase audience engagement by focusing on audience interactions, first and foremost. These are the tools or elements used in webcasting platforms in order to get the audience’s […]

Enhancing Your Webinar Audience Console

Enhancing Your Webinar Audience Console

Enhancing Your Webinar Audience Console Your audience deserves the most user-friendly experience when it accesses the webinar interface. Ease of use results in greater engagement with your content. Especially new prospects are less forgiving of errors or webinars that are not intuitive to access. Even great webinar content may end up not being viewed if […]

Automatic Closed Captioning!

We’re excited to introduce the first iteration of the platforms automated closed captioning capabilities. This new functionality automatically creates closed captioning files from your live or pre-recorded On Demand and Simu-live webcasts. For a live webcast, when your live webcast goes to on demand, a closed captioning file (.vtt) will be automatically created for the […]

Webcasting Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses

The availability of webcasting on different devices allows business owners to reach and interact with their prospective customers, while also improving the way they do business on a person-to-person level. Webcasting offers so many benefits to both you and your customers. Taking into consideration the easy access to the internet, a desktop computer, and other […]

What are the Major Benefits of Using Webinars

Many companies and business owners choose webinars as part of their strategy for lead generation, marketing, sales, and customer education. In order to understand it, it’s best to take a look at the many benefits of this platform. Short lead time You don’t need months to plan and complete a webinar presentation. Usually, it only […]

Enhancing Your Webinar Audience Console

Webinar audiences deserve the best experience when it comes to the interface or console you provide them. Taking note of the finicky nature of many online audiences, it only takes a few hassling errors to turn them off and cause them to leave the webcast. Even if you have an awesome webinar to offer, some […]

Enhancing Your Webinars from the Backend

Webinar enhancements are crucial not only for your audience but for you and your team as well. Whoever is managing the presentation for your company, it is essential to have the necessary updates that will make your webinars more user-friendly. Although it is not an easy process, enhancement projects from the backend can result in […]

Webcasting for Beginners

Webcasting is a fantastic way of communicating and delivering your message to a targeted audience. It is an online event which makes use of video, audio, and interactive tools which allow both presenter and audience to communicate during the presentation. A webcast can be done in real-time, but it’s also essential to record and have […]