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Quality guaranteed, nice to work with the motivated and efficient 247 Webcasting team.

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Our expectations, both in the preparation phase and in the broadcast, have been met.

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British Business Bank

We could not have done it without you, so huge thanks for everything

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24/7 have supported production of our marketing materials to a high standard

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24/7 have been really helpful for producing our webinar events

Virtual backgrounds, is that the latest gimmick?

Virtual Backgrounds

Covid-19 and the subsequent global lock-down disrupted our daily lives. One of them being the initiation of webcam conversations with friends, families and colleagues. It did not matter at the time what room you were calling from. Often at the disbelief of other callers. At 247 Webcasting we have been running webcasts with webcams for some time now, years […]

The impact of HLS for mobile webcasting

The impact of HLS for mobile webcasting

HLS? Not another acronym! We promise this will be the only one. Well and maybe the video format that it could be replacing, MPEG-Dash. As yes, both refer to video encoding types that we use in webcasting. And with the advent of video vs audio, this has become critical. So, we will go through the […]

HYBRID EVENTS: What they are and how to use them to maximise your event’s reach

Believe it or not, we at 247 Webcasting love physical events. As much as we live and breathe webinars and virtual events, there’s nothing quite like the buzz and atmosphere of networking with like-minded professionals in a stylish venue. Plus, you might even get some sandwiches! But we increasingly see companies missing out on the easiest event […]