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Webcasting for Accounting Firms

Webcasting has become an important tool for accounting firms to communicate with their customers, partners, employees, and prospects. Small to large accounting firms are using webcasts for a number of applications such as CPE (continuing professional education), training, corporate communications, and marketing.

Webcasting and virtual presentations allows you to engage, interact, and customize user experience. And since these presentations are live and run in the cloud, attendees can access your content from anywhere and on any device.

Reasons Why Accounting Firms Should Use Webcasting

Webcasting and virtual conferences can play an important role in the way you do business. It can be a game changer that can differentiate your firm from the rest while, driving your revenue as the end result.

Web-based meetings with clients via live webcasts enable you to reduce time spent in travelling and person-to-person meetings while maximising billable hours. Webcasting is also highly effective for team meetings and trainings as it facilitates team collaboration and dissemination of information.

Webcasting platforms are also equipped with tools and features for interactivity, and events can incorporate Q&A, polls, and social media sharing tools. Attendees can join a virtual event using any internet browser, on either a Mac or PC, or a mobile device.

Consider these other key benefits:

  • Webcasting platforms provide engaging and interactive audience experience
  • It allows customisation which strengthens your brand
  • Has powerful CE modules and analytics
  • Provides one-click access without the need for apps and downloads
  • Accessible from any mobile device
  • Offers easy to use tools for webcast producers and presenters
  • Webcasts can be optimised for CPE utilisation
  • Allows you to scale to thousands of users
  • Provides options for fully managed and self service delivery
  • And has unparalleled user engagement

Using Webcasts to Meet the Needs of Employees and Clients

Accounting firms are well-aware of the compliance requirements of their accountants, as well as the need to clearly communicate and provide their clients topnotch services. These drive them to deliver real-time updates and training to their employees for CPE certification, and to provide assistance to their clients and prospects to propel revenue.

Meetings and Conferences – Conference calls are okay, but wouldn’t it be better to clearly explain your agenda to your clients or employees using a webcasting platform complete with features? Company-wide meetings and client meetings are worthwhile when the message is sent across effectively and efficiently. Attendees only need internet connection, web browser, and a computer or mobile device to participate.

Executive Briefings – Use webcasting technology to update your clients and senior-level executives about the latest administrative issues, new risk management procedures, or the best practices in corporate governance.

Client Training – You can provide valuable CPE to accountants via webcasting as a virtual training tool. This is the easiest, cost-effective, and most convenient way to provide information while establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

Project Management and Consulting – Proper interaction among client and project teams are keys to effective consultation. Webcasting tools are great for collaborating and sharing information, documents, and updates.

Staff Development – With on-demand capability and features, a regular webcast can be a full-fledged virtual learning centre. Your employees can stream videos, listen to audio trainings, and interact with instructors and other participants using chat and messaging features, social media tools, polls, hand raise feature, and instant feedback.

While other accounting firms are still undecided to use the power of webcasting and its many features, consider these useful information if you are planning to use it in the near future. There is really no risk involved as webcasting and its many tools are quite powerful, useful and beneficial to you and your clients.

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