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What are the Major Benefits of Using Webinars

Many companies and business owners choose webinars as part of their strategy for lead generation, marketing, sales, and customer education. In order to understand it, it’s best to take a look at the many benefits of this platform.

Short lead time

You don’t need months to plan and complete a webinar presentation. Usually, it only takes four to six weeks to have an up and running webinar and it does not require complicated logistics either.

You and your audience can save time and money

Webinars are cost-effective since they eliminate the need for travel, paying for materials and venues, and other expenses involved in having an offline event.

Audience size does not matter

Since there is no strict rule in the number of audience per webinar presentation, ‘the show always goes on’ whether you have a hundred or a dozen attendees. There is no requirement for specific number of attendees since everything is delivered online during the live presentation, and a recorded version can be accessed per on-demand basis.

Gain direct contact with a specific target audience

Webinars allow you to reach and engage with a specific target audience. Having interactive and collaborative tools let you answer questions, gain insights from audience’s feedback, and you can expect more participation compared to offline meetings and presentations.

Recorded webinars are also effective especially in reaching out and engaging new leads. So make sure your presentations are optimized for search.

Promote interactivity to your target audience

Emphasize your messaging by using interactivity tools such as polls, surveys, chats, calls to action, and/or added content such as slideshows and videos. More interactive webinars resonate well with the audience and also promote good customer relationship.

Turn webinar recordings into instant products

Webinar platforms often have features to help you record the live event and turn it into a product such as downloadable/printable document, on-demand video, slide presentation, website content, and podcast.

Introduce attendees to experts

You can invite guest speakers who are experts in your industry and within the same market. These individuals can bring in fresh, useful information to your audience to help them enrich their knowledge or gain more insights on a specific topic.

Take your business further

Webinars are great tools for business expansion. You and your long-time virtual staff can train new employees through a series of webinar presentations. You can pre-record them in advance and have new employees access them online. This eliminates the time-consuming training sessions and expenses, and employees can always go back and refer to the training materials whenever necessary.

Introduce your new product/service to customers

Educating customers is easier with webinars. Product demos can now be recorded and presented to customers in order to help them understand what you are offering and to help them make an informed decision prior to purchasing. If you are introducing an additional feature or a complementary product or service, a webinar explaining the add-on is a great introduction to long-time customers. This is cheaper and more efficient for both you and your customers.

Webinars add value to your business

Perhaps two of the most significant elements of keeping customers is to continuously provide them free useful information and the ease of reaching out to you whenever they need your help.

Webinar platforms have all the necessary tools to communicate, collaborate, and send feedback to you per every presentation (webinar page). This allows you to improve your product and easily inform customers, and they have the platform/tools to give you their insights. Overall, it’s a winning strategy that adds value to your products or services.

There’s no doubt that webinars have become one of the most powerful tools to market products and services online. It has given many companies a platform to showcase what they do best in order to reach out to many audiences to generate leads and more sales.

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