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Webcasting Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses

The availability of webcasting on different devices allows business owners to reach and interact with their prospective customers, while also improving the way they do business on a person-to-person level.

Webcasting offers so many benefits to both you and your customers. Taking into consideration the easy access to the internet, a desktop computer, and other handy mobile gadgets, you will always have a way of reaching far and wide with a webcast presentation.

The following are just some of the many webcasting benefits you can get upon using this platform:

Enhance and Expand Your Reach

As a business owner, you can expand and improve your reach by using webcasts – whether your audience is using desktop PC or mobile device such as tablet or smartphone.

Making on-demand versions of your webcasts instead of just having them live allows other people to find you via social media and/or through the search engines. Take advantage of this long-tail effect especially if you have content that is evergreen and always useful to your target audience.

Gain Audience Engagement

Since webinar platforms are multi-purpose – from presenting to social sharing to live chatting – you will always have a way to engage with your audience. While presenting live, there is real-time information relayed to the audience and you can get real-time feedback from them as well.

Chat, messaging (live and via email), and social sharing features allow two-way conversations and exchanges between you and your audience. At the same time, you will learn more about their needs, reactions, and feedback regarding the presentations and products you are offering.

Determine and Broaden Your Target Audience

Using a webcast also allows you to better determine your target audience via passive (audience registration/sign-up) and active (audience engagement and interaction) means. This lets you create an effective network that you can use in providing incentives via on-demand webcasts or through follow-up emails.

Collect and Disseminate Knowledge

Every webcast you present should be recorded and backed up for disseminating information and for archiving. You can digitally unlock it by using video syndication; creating searchable transcripts, translations and/or subtitles; or publishing teasers/previews for social media use.

Enjoy Cost-effective Operation

Operational costs of webcasts are typically low since there’s less travel time, more options for location and scheduling, and more opportunities for compact events. You can also record your presentations anywhere especially if you prefer to commission a foreign expert for your presentation. Webcasts can also generate other streams of income through online advertising and sponsorships.

You can save more money this way and earn additional revenue from a previous webcast that has been set-up for on-demand viewing.

You Can Provide More Accessible and Useful Content to Your Audience

Did you know that more than 80% of people who register to watch webcasts decide based on content and only about 5% are based on the speaker?

Through the years, people have learned and appreciated the value of useful and helpful content in whatever platform it is presented. Typically, people choose and appreciate more accessible and convenient platforms since most of them multitask or simply do not have the time to tinker on menus and buttons.

Of course, there is also the opportunity to provide creative content using webcasts – may it be for the presentation itself, for download, or for sharing. Whatever you decide to do in order for your content to be more useful and relevant to your audience, you will always have a platform to show them that you’re an authority when it comes to the subject matter.

Achieve Better Sales/Marketing Results

Webcasts are great for supporting marketing and sales programs. You can send out a survey, quiz or poll to the audience right after the webcast to see if they understand the presentation. You can directly follow up with participants that may need additional information via the email addresses they have provided upon registering to your webcast. All these allow you to have a deeper access to a sales channel especially if the participants are not yet on your business contact list

Webcasts have evolved and become more accessible and user-friendly through the years, so more people are now using them in a variety of ways. For your business, webcasting may not be the sole solution to your marketing and sales endeavors, but this can help augment your existing strategies so you can benefit for the long term.

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