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Automatic Closed Captioning!

We’re excited to introduce the first iteration of the platforms automated closed captioning capabilities. This new functionality automatically creates closed captioning files from your live or pre-recorded On Demand and Simu-live webcasts.

For a live webcast, when your live webcast goes to on demand, a closed captioning file (.vtt) will be automatically created for the language of the live webcast.

For pre-recorded On Demand and Simu-live, when you publish the webcast, a closed captioning file (.vtt) will be created. The OD viewer can then choose to view the closed captioning in the media player. If you’re interested in testing the new capability, please contact us.

The supported languages are: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Korean.

Note that this functionality uses speech to text technology which is not always 100% accurate. You may want to check the closed captioning in the On Demand webcast for accuracy.

You can choose to delete the .vtt file on a per webcast basis if the accuracy is not acceptable to you. In a future release we will add the option to download the .vtt file to make corrections if needed.

Closed Captioning for Audio-Only Webinars

Up to now, displaying closed captioning required the video media player. With this release, you can now display closed captioning in the audio media playeras well. When the viewer turns on closed captioning, the audio media player will expand enough to display the closed captioning text.

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