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CPD on Webcasts

There are many reasons to offer CPD on your webcast presentations. If you belong to a company or a professional organisation, you can offer more to your employees or business partners through CPD on webcasts.

What is CPD?

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a method of continually updating and enhancing the knowledge and skills of your organisation’s members or employees throughout their professional career. It usually occurs through a form of learning activity such as seminars or in-house training and it is considered standard practice for all professional organisations.

CPD should not be too expensive and difficult to set-up. These are two of the reasons why webcasts are great platforms for continuous learning among organisations and their members, since the latter can learn and complete training at their own place, time and convenience.

Benefits of CPD?

There are numerous benefits from offering CDP through webcasts created and presented by your organisation. This process enables you to return to the individual the responsibility for personal development, while the ability and insight to manage your organisation’s professional growth strengthens.

  • Enables you to maximise employee/staff potential by connecting learnings to actions, and theories to practices.
  • Helps Human Resources professionals to establish Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound (SMART) objectives for training activities to be more directly correlated to business needs.
  • Supports staff development which can result to better morale and a highly motivated workforce, which helps organisations exude a positive brand image.
  • Helps employees and professionals focus on their accomplishments throughout the year, which links to the possibilities of better annual appraisals.
  • You will be able to help your organisation’s members and employees in building their credibility and confidence, while they see their progress by tracking their learning.
  • Enabling positivity, productivity and efficiency among staff is possible through the CPDs offered on organisational webcasts, as they aid in highlighting gaps in staff’s knowledge and experience.

Offer CPD via Certification Widget on Your Webcasts

Our webcast platform provide a widget for producers like you to create programs such as CPDs. In this case, certification widgets are the most common since they enable producers to create webcast presentations that specifically aim at organisations requiring employees and members to complete certification programs.

The following are the steps you can follow in order to produce webcasts that offer CPD for your intended audiences:

(1) Setting certification requirements is comprised of three factors:

  • Viewing minutes – based on the length of time the console was opened, beginning at the live start time. For on-demand, the viewing minutes is based on the length of time the media player is ‘played’.
  • Number of polls to answer – based on poll questions created.
  • Test completion – the test info based on the passing requirement (of the Test Widget) you set in the test criteria.

When all requirements are set, you can create a message or customise one for this specific CPD. You have the option to create a completion certificate which attendees of the webcast can download and print.

(2) Let attendees see their progress during a live or an on-demand webcast.

You can do so by allowing them to open the Certification Widget and track each of your set criteria. Once they meet each of them, they should be able to see an indication such as a check mark or a text saying ‘completed’.

Once the attendee has completed all of the criteria, a certificate icon should be presented on the widget window. There should be a clear indication that the certification requirements are met and the corresponding certificate is available and/or for download.

(3) Access to data-rich report is crucial for your organisation. The ‘Reports’ feature in the webcast’s dashboard allows you to see who among your attendees (i.e. your employees, board members, etc.) were able to complete the requirements.

In case the attendee was not able to complete a requirement, for instance the Q&A portion, she/he can open the on-demand version of the webcast and accomplish the Q&A. Once complete, the certification will also be marked as complete and recorded at the same time.

Offering CPD on webcasts is not limited to private organisations and companies. But since they are keener in providing training and certifications to their staff, they can truly reap the rewards in the long run.

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