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Can My Audience View Webcasts on Mobile Devices?

One of the crucial aspects that webcast producers need to focus on is the mobile capability of their platforms. It is a fact that many of today’s businesses and transactions are happening online, but not everyone is in front of their computers all the time.

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are capable of connecting via wireless internet so users can take their businesses and online transactions wherever they go. This is a whole new opportunity to reach more people aside from the typical desktop internet users.

can my audience view webcasts on mobile devicesWhat You Need to Know About Mobile Webcasts: The Essentials

Today’s webcasting platforms support mobile access wherever you are. If you want to view the webcast from your phone, you can do so by registering first.

Attending the live presentation and interacting with the presenter and other members of the audience are all possible even on mobile devices. If you wish to watch the on-demand version, you can do so anytime using your tablet, smartphone or laptop.



As for internet connectivity, most platforms support mobile devices connected to Wi-Fi as long as the device has high fidelity video and/or audio. 3G and 4G networks are also supported as long as their connection’s available bandwidth is equal to that of the webcast’s.

Supported Devices

Since new devices are being released each year, the list of supported mobile devices for viewing webcasts can change upon completion of testing. So it’s better to check once in a while our list of supported devices.

For now this is what our list includes:

  • Apple iOS devices
    • iPhone 5+
    • iPad 2+ with iOS ver. 7
    • iPad Mini with iOS ver. 7
  • Android mobile phones and tablets with OS 4.2 and OS 4.4 versions

Viewing Format

All webcast formats are supported for mobile viewing, even HTML. However, HTML formats might not work properly if they are specifically reliant on Windows Media Player. Events using HTML may only have fewer features.

System Requirements

Chrome browser is highly recommended for Android devices with OS 4.2 and 4.4. For iPhone 5+ and iPad 2+ and iPad Mini using iOS 7.0, Safari browser is recommended.

Primary Mobile Device Capabilities

Webcast creators should be able to utilise tools for producing and publishing various video and audio types. There should be advanced registration security and mobile- and network-optimised delivery to ensure a peasant viewing experience for the viewer. Producers should be able to create analysis reports using the analytics feature for convenience and accuracy.

Features Include:

  • Local Viewing Experience with Global Reach
    • efficient delivery thanks to a global platform presence
    • local audience experience with multi-language capability
    • global production and live translation features
  • Event Registration Features
    • customisable registration pages for collection of audience demographics and webcast security
    • automatic generation of confirmations, follow-up emails and reminders
    • integration of savvy marketing automation platforms
  • Enterprise Video Features
    • with full-range of video options (i.e. webcam to HD)
    • convenient presenter tools for webcam video and phone audio presentations
    • with pre-recorded and live video options
    • provides comprehensive production and efficient delivery
  • Real-time Analytics
    • real-time, web-based reporting portal for instantaneous measurement
    • audience activity tracking with detailed demographics
    • full logging of user activity and webcast duration
  • Cloud Availability
    • producers and presenters can access directly on the web
    • enterprise-friendly and scales with your business
    • fully hosted and available 24/7
    • with global CDN partners to ensure reliable viewing experience
    • APIs are published for extensions and integration

Interactivity Widgets on Mobile Webcasts

One of the most important parts of webcasting is being able to connect with your audiences. What you provide for them on desktop viewing should be, as much as possible, available on mobile devices.

Interactivity is part of the whole experience for the audience and enables your company to learn more about them. However, their respective icons are smaller and may have a different orientation on smaller screens. But they still serve the same purpose for both audience and webcast producers.

The usual widgets include: certification, contact, Facebook, help, Q&A, referral, resource list, social sharing, survey, Twitter, speaker bio, and URL, among others

You have the option to include the other supported widgets if you must. But the key for mobile viewing is an optimised screen for a better webcast viewing experience.

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