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Enhancing Your Webinars from the Backend

Webinar enhancements are crucial not only for your audience, but for you and your team as well. Whoever is managing the presentation for your company, it is essential to have the necessary updates that will make your webinars more user-friendly.

Although it is not an easy process, enhancement projects from the backend can result to better usability and experience to both audience and presentation manager. This is also a way to feature more significant information to your audience without negatively impacting the presentation.

Here are some suggested elements that you can enhance via the webcast backend:

  • Deck Alerts – Presentations are not perfect all the time and there are mishaps that can be easily caught and fixed thanks to notification messages or alerts. Slide deck failure is just one of the common issues that webinar producers can easily fix and with ‘deck alerts’, failed uploads can be corrected prior the scheduled webcast.
  • Storyboard – Showing and hiding your webcast’s storyboard allows more presentation space, so you can maximise the view and get the full attention of your audience.
  • Conference Control Panel – Some call this feature ‘Conference Bridge’ and it allows the webcast producer to manage the presenters who have dialled-in. Each caller ID is assigned with a number, but the producer can edit the presenters’ names if needed. The webcast producer can also mute/un-mute and/or disconnect the presenters through this control panel.
  • Language/Localisation – Many presenters are targeting local audiences these days and localisation features provide webcast producers the option to create presentations using a specific language.
  • Screen Share Feature – Enhancing the screen share feature are beneficial for live webcasts for both mobile and desktop platforms. This app also provides better efficiency for your company’s in-house networks.
  • Webinar Q&A Panel – Customising the Q&A panel and adding/removing elements such irrelevant columns allow you to only display information that is deemed important by your audience.
  • Analytics Dashboard – Your webcast’s analytics dashboard will always require an update in order to be at par with the latest data gathering processes and in deriving the best results. There are many elements within this feature that you can tweak and enhance such as the attendee data and engagement graphs, leads report, and simultaneous loading of panels. Saving and exporting the data document in PDF form are also added enhancements wherein you can use the resulting document as reference for future enhancement projects and tweaks.
  • Webinar Reporting Portal – Ideally, reports are accessed via webinar reporting portal where you can navigate and access various report types. An ideal webinar backend allows you to produce and access Audience Reports, Q&A Reports, Polls, and Surveys. Each report type allows you to save and export documents for fixes and future references.
  • OS Support – An added and ever-evolving element is the OS support. Your webinar should be up-to-date in order to adapt to the latest operating systems. Outdated platforms are more vulnerable to bugs and other technical issues which are hassling to both you and your audience.

Being able to identify the elements that need immediate enhancements from the backend is one way to ensure your webcasts will appear and run smoothly. But also being able to implement updates allow for better user experience with lesser tweaks and hassles.

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