• Meet the 247 Webcasting Core Team

  • Stuart Perkins
    Creative Director & Co-Founder

    Stuart sees the world in the same way that Neo sees The Matrix, where we see technological challenges; Stuart will see a creative programming solution. If a client requests a feature that doesn’t yet exist, then Stuart will make it happen.

    With 15 years of Website design behind him, and an impressive collection of professional qualifications and accreditation, Stuart co-founded Twenty-4 Seven Global Media Ltd and launched 247 Webcasting 7 years ago.

    Outside of the office environment; you will often find Stuart enjoying quality time with his tribe of five (one wife, two kids, one dog, one cat), be it taking the caravan off to explore all corners of the UK, watching rugby with his lad, or getting overly competitive with his supercharged Nitro RC cars.

    Talking of getting competitive ... don’t ask which of the co-founders is the best deep sea fisherman!

    email: stuart.perkins@247webcasting.com
    telephone 0207 1939 761
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuartlperkins/


    Martyn Cox
    Operations Director & Co-Founder

    Martyn is one of the founding partners of Twenty-4 Seven Global Media Ltd, and has kept hold of the 247 Webcasting reins since its launch 7 years ago.

    With a decade of dedicated webcasting experience under his belt, from account management through to technical support, Martyn is 247’s very own oracle, no matter what the topic, no matter what the challenge, we go to Martyn before we go to Google!

    When he isn’t immersed in all things webcasting, Martyn is proud dad to two boys (and a spaniel), husband to a delightful Disney-loving wife, and can often be found stomping through woods, or sea fishing on the weekend.

    He’s also a huge petrolhead, and takes every opportunity he can to race his classic Ford RS around his local Castle Coombe circuit.

    email: martyn.cox@247webcasting.com
    telephone 0207 1939 748
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martyn-cox-8978606b/


    Dean Hurcombe
    Head of Sales & Marketing

    Dean is the newest addition to the 247 Webcasting family, after 4 years of chatting, the time was finally right for him to come and head-up our S&M Team.

    Dean is a specialist in B2B Sales & Marketing, with a 15 year career that’s spanned Pharmaceuticals, Charitable Trusts, Toys and Nursery Goods, Digital Publishing, Internet Service Provision, and Asset Management, the self-confessed tech-lover has found a natural home in Webcasting.

    When not bringing planning, structure, and creativity to 247’s Sales & Marketing, Dean is passionate about all things film. No matter how terrible a film may be, if he starts watching he has to see it through to the end, he says he “owes it to the actors”... Dean has lost many hours of his life to simply awful movies.

    A mediocre boxer and decent rugby player, still an obsessive fan of both, you definitely want Dean on your team for the pub quiz sport’s round, but we’ll warn you now, he’s a terrible loser!

    Oh, and never ask him about his trainer collection. He’s the Imelda Marcos of sporting footwear.

    email: dean.hurcombe@247webcasting.com
    telephone 0207 1939 758
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/deanhurcombe247


    Claire Mowl-Seegobin
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Claire is our maestro of all thing online marketing, hers is the name you will most likely see at the bottom of our emails, not just because her meticulous attention to detail means we know they’ll be spelt right, not just because her years of Webcasting experience means she knows the business inside out, but because after two decades in Customer Communication and Marketing roles, spanning everything from Banking, Beauty Therapy and (of course) Webcasting, Claire really knows how to talk to people.

    Claire, just like Dean, recently joined the 247 Team as a result of the company’s rapid growth and we already don’t know how we coped without her.

    Beyond the world of work; Claire’s main enjoyment comes from her lovely family ... and getting them very muddy! Forest treks, mountain biking, or convincing the kids that weeding the garden is a super-fun game; you’ll be able to find the family by following the muddy footprints.

    email: claire.seegobin@247webcasting.com
    telephone 0207 1939 762
    linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-mowl-seegobin-4a040184/

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