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How 247 Webcasting Can Help Your Business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The way we all do business is changing. We have never had so much accessible and affordable technology at our fingertips.

Our PC’s and laptops are getting more powerful, our mobile devices are getting smarter, and our internet connection is getting faster. Where Webcasts and Webinars used to be the back-up to face-face meetings and presentations, they have rapidly become a viable alternative and, for tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, have indeed become the first choice option.

At 247 Webcasting we have fully embraced, and evolved with, this changing business landscape, but we still value and appreciate good old fashioned personal interaction and human relationships. We understand how engagement on an individual level can nurture prospective clients and build those all important customer relationships.

That’s why we offer you the best of both worlds. We believe in business evolution … not revolution.

Reach far and wide, and be heard loud and clear

Gone are the days when your reach was limited by mileage expenses, travel budgets, room availability, venue hire, or how many people you can physically fit in the boardroom.

With our Webinar Platform you can have up to 10 presenters communicating directly and instantly with up to 1,000 live attendees. Add in on-demand access, and social sharing, to your recorded webcast and the number of people your message can reach is limitless. That’s one incredibly big boardroom.

Engagement equals Interest

As with any meeting, training seminar, sales pitch, or presentation, the key to a successful webcast is audience engagement.

By including and involving your audience on a personal, real-time, active level, your information will become far more than just words, graphs, and images, it will become a real, relatable message.

From video presentations, to live chat and instant messaging, through to real-time polls and instant social sharing, 247 Webcasting allows you to turn your online event into an interactive experience.

Perfect your aim to hit your targets

You can have the perfect product sat on your shelves, you can provide the best services in your sector, you could even be offering a Ferrari for the price of a Ford, but if you don’t identify, target, and communicate with the correct customers, your sales, cash flow, and profits will suffer.

Our quick and simple registration process, fully tracked real-time engagement, recorded Q&A, and comprehensive data capture and reporting tools, all provide you with an effective, streamlined picture of who your target audience really is.

Combine this with the ability to communicate directly with your key attendees – pre, during, and post-webcast – and you will see your return on marketing investment grow.

A webcast is for life, not just for the duration of your broadcast

We live in an on-demand, tech-savvy, multi-media, multi-platform, fast-moving business age, and if you have invested time, expense, and resource into a professional webcast, you don’t always want its reach to be solely limited to the exact time it streams live.

That’s why 247 Webcasting offers a comprehensive range of on-demand, pre-recorded, and post-streaming options, all of which ensure your webcast reaches its optimum audience, regardless of time-zones or personal calendars.

From recording and archiving, creating searchable transcripts, adding translations and subtitles for a global audience, through to the creation of stand-alone social media-friendly previews, 247 has the tools to maximise every second of your webcast.

A pound saved is a pound earned (or dollar, or euro, or yen …)

It would be a wonderful world if we could provide our services for free, just because we love what we do, but unfortunately we can’t, because just like you and our existing clients, we are a business.

Our business is to provide a stable, secure, progressive, and comprehensive webcast platform, and create professional, engaging, fully reportable webinars for a fee*.

However, unlike most business costs, we truly believe webcasting is an expenditure that can save your business money.

No travel costs, no hotel bookings, no mileage claims, no personal expenses, no catering fees, no personal expenses, and no working hours lost getting to and from the meeting, and all while adhering to our shared corporate social responsibility, to reduce our carbon footprints.

 *you get our years of experience, expertise, knowledge, passion, and guidance for free!

The all-important acronym … R.O.I.

At 247 Webcasting we fully understand, and appreciate, the importance of your Return on Investment, without those all-important sales then marketing expenditure can become difficult to justify.

As vital as Brand exposure and expansion us, using your webcasts to both reinforce and increase recognition of your Brand, it is sales and direct income that drive your business.

That’s why we don’t just provide the platform to publish your webinars and webcasts, we give you a full suite of marketing features, widgets, applications, reporting, and tracking tools, alongside fully exportable metrics and analytics.

All of this is designed specifically to integrate with your existing CRM and sales funnel software, and help support, expand and maximise your Sales & Marketing plans and campaigns.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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