• Although we primarily specialise in providing professional webcasting services to the SME and SMB sector, our ever-growing client base includes everyone from sole traders, to multi-site multinational corporations, and we cover industries as diverse as Creative Arts through to pharmaceuticals.

    Due to the stringent security protocols we have in place, and the multi-level protection built into to our webcasting platform, we even have clients that we’re not allowed to talk about!

    Below you’ll find a selection of those existing clients we can mention, along with a few testimonials and case studies of our work in action, just so you can see you’ll be in very safe hands.

  • Testimonials

    IET Testimonial

    We've always been impressed with their quick responses and solutions to awkward problems. We spent 2 years working with another webcasting and have found 247 both professional and well mannered when dealing with us.

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    AI Global Testimonial

    As a relatively new venture ourselves we have looked for different avenues to get our message out. 247 Webcasting have given us an international voice.

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    Future Science Group Testimonial

    For some time now webinars have been an important part of our business. From product demonstrations, to panel discussions and we've recently moved into full video walkthroughs. As our portfolio develops 247 Webcasting has kept pace and recommended [...]

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    Telecom 2.0 Testimonial

    1st webcast out of the way and I'm now looking to get more of my clients involved. They held my hand just enough to make it a good experience.

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    GovToday Testimonial

    247 Webcasting introduced us to webinars and webcasts. They've guided us round the pitfalls of live video production and over two years we've introduced more and more of our customers to their services. We'd recommend them to any business new to [...]

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  • How Webcasting helps in the real world

  • Talking to worldwide employees all at the same time

    The Challenge: A beverage Company needed a communications solution to reach their entire international workforce simultaneously, while making efficient use of the available bandwidth inside their existing network infrastructure.

    The Solution: The Webcast solution, using the exact same Platform you will receive from 247 Webcasting, provided the ability to broadcast live video with slides to approximately 5,000 simultaneous viewers worldwide. Multicasting was used for the audiences, vastly reducing the network congestion previously seen, and low speed audio streams were provided for non-multicast enabled participants.  To combat the language barrier, real-time text translation accommodated multiple languages.

    The Benefits: Eliminating network congestion, reduced costs, a single webcast covering multiple languages, and improved reliability supported the quadrupling the number of the attendees.

  • They wanted to update their communications infrastructure

    The Challenge: A large pharmaceutical company wanted to use digital communications to replace traditional communications strategies for its Research & Development (R&D) organisation, which extends to over 5,000 people across 3 continents.

    The Solution: Comprehensive testing, to establish network capacities, identified and helped resolve proxy/filtering infrastructure obstacles to enable large events. Standard event scenarios and structured formats were put in place to support routinely successful use across the company.  The client’s server network and existing programmes were incorporated, and peer-to-peer technologies implemented to improve the reach and scalability of the media distribution.

    The Benefits: Provided ability to conduct frequent, routine communication among R&D groups, including symposia, updates, and large-scale meetings from Global Chief Research Officer to R&D employees worldwide.

  • A Quarterly Meeting that outgrew the Boardroom

    The Challenge: A global technology company grew too large to continue their traditional physical internal communication events. They decided to move to virtual events and sought a solution that maintained the quality and interaction provided with their physical events.

    The Solution: The webcast solution offered by switching to the same Platform offered by 247 Webcasting delivered a live video webcast with slides and real-time Q& A session to over 3,000 simultaneous viewers. Plus there was support for multicast streaming technology, all of which was accommodated within their bandwidth requirements.

    The Benefits: Maintained internal communication initiatives even as the company grew beyond the traditional physical venues, and experienced long-term cost-savings by not having to host events in a dedicated bricks and mortar venue

  • Delivering legally complaint training without disrupting business

    The Challenge: A multi-office legal firm needed to provide critical and complex legal updates, and a continual training programme, to ensure the full legal compliance of all employees. In addition to the need for large-scale and immediate internal communications, they also had a duty to provide hundreds of clients with up-to-date information and court rulings.

    The Solution: The firm created a scheduled Webinar series, while maintaining the ability for ad hoc Webcasts, in order to cost-effectively and efficiently reach out to employees and clients alike. After experiencing severely limited stability, and a user interface that was difficult to navigate, they switched to the Platform used by 247 Webcasting and never looked back. In addition to the immediate distribution of legal updates, via slides, video, and audio content, they included a Q&A session and embedded questionnaire that qualified attendees with the requisite training credits

    The Benefits: The legal firm was able to deliver complex updates to employees, fulfil their duty to their clients, and continually ensure employees were receiving the required level of training, in a highly cost-efficient manner, and without disrupting the continuity of their day-to-day business.

  • Harnessing the power of Webinars for Lead Generation

    The Challenge: A global leader in auditing, financial advisory and tax services capitalised on an upcoming regulatory change to business taxation to not only advise and reconnect with the entirety of their existing client base, but to use the opportunity to generate a raft of brand new leads, with new and existing prospects, while creating cross-selling opportunities for additional services. The Marketing Team only had a 6 month window to create and implement a marketing strategy, generate and nurture leads, then convert them to sales, before the regulations came into effect.

    The Solution: The client created a multi-layered marketing outreach plan, incorporating live seminars, premium content, SEO, PR, and Webinars, and chose to base the campaign around Webinar engagement, due to its cost effectiveness, mass-audience targeting, speed of delivery,  and ability to track and analyse lead generation. Each Webinar allowed real-time, two-way interaction - through live polls, Q&A’s, and interactive content - between the company presenters and the audience, plus they opened up lines of communication for post-event feedback. These Webinars were then instantly made available on-demand to further spread their reach.

    The Benefits: The Webinar series exceeded all expectations. By carefully planning the events, and utilising the platform to successfully promote them, the registration numbers were incredibly high, and this translated to over 50% registrant to attendee conversion. The salient and interactive content led to circa 1000 attendees asking over 300 questions, and providing 800+ poll responses.

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