Incredibly simply, that’s how!

If you’re a new customer then you can simply place your order via our online order form, and we’ll automatically create your account for you.

If you’re new to us, but not ready to book just yet, you can open your 247 account here and it’ll be reading and waiting for when you are.

Existing customers need simply login to their account and click ‘Order Services’, and select ‘Book Webcast’.

Booking your webcast:

  • Simply enter, upload, and schedule your webcast details.
  • Do you need any additional services? Simply tick the box next to the upgrade you require.
  • Click ‘Submit’.
    •  All details are instantly submitted to our Webcast Team, who are ready and waiting for your order!

Then, in as little as 30 minutes later, you will receive your link with your webcast previews ready for you to review. As soon as you’re happy, just reply with your approval and the Webcast Team will send you your promotional audience URL and real-time Reporting link

From here, we’ll confirm your booked upgrades, and can start sending your invites (where applicable).

That’s it. The FastCast concept really is that quick and easy!