• Webinar Subscription Packages

  • There are many reasons why a Webinar Subscription package from 247 Webcasting makes sense, not least the commercial fact that the more you buy of something, the more cost-effective something gets, and with our multi-booking discount structure, the cost-savings are clear to see.

    We also know that your webinar plans can change, and that’s why we even offer you a roll-over package for any unused webinars you may have with us. Put simply; we don’t believe in “use them or lose them”, when you renew with 247 Webcasting, we simply carry over any unused webinars into your new contract!

    The benefits of a 247 Webcasting Webinar Subscription:

    • Enjoy cost benefits of block booking
    • Analyse and review your webinar series performance
    • Full financial visibility for your budgetary allocation
    • Great for campaign planning and marketing strategy
    • ‘Roll-over’ Subscription packages available when you renew

    But, subscriptions aren’t for everyone, and if you’re looking for access to the same unrivalled platform but without the upfront commitment, then our Pay As You Cast Webinars are the solution for you.

    Your Webinar Subscription options

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