• Below are the 3 tiers of webcasting to help give you an idea, if you need a hybrid of a package, please contact us for a bespoke set up.

    Tier one:

    Choose your platform:

    Live Audio
    Simulated live
    Simulated live with live roll over
    On Demand
    Live Video


    Tier two:

    Choose your widget bundle from the options below:

    Widget Bundles    

    Starter Bundle

    Included in all standard
    Platform 10 webcasts

    •Media Player
    •Q & A

    Outreach Bundle

    Includes Starter Bundle
    Additional cost

    •Email a Friend
    •Share This

    Collaboration Bundle

    Includes Outreach Bundle
    Additional cost

    •Speaker Bio
    •Resource List
    •Contact Us
    •Email a Friend
    •Cover flow
    •URL Chapters
    •Idea Widget
    •Breakout Sessions
    •Group Chat

    Tier 3: Support

    • Self Service (quantity restrictions apply) – 4 hours training is included with your package then you can run, build and manage your own packages.
      • Quality control: we will take a our time going through your webcast, presentation and console to see if we can find any issues for you
      • Event Monitor: we will be on your webcast to assist with the pre-call and help monitor your live broadcast
    • Full Service: let us do it all for you! You will have an assigned webcast manager who send you a form to fill out with all of the required deliverables then build a custom webcast design to suit you and your client’s needs, they will also run a speaker training session and be on the pre-call and live event as support and technical lead.
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