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  • 79 must-do points before running your webinar

    Check lists are the unsung heroes of a job well done. Webinars, with their live days and many moving parts, are prime candidates for a good check list. Webinar organisers would do anything to avoid panic in the days and hours leading up to going live. 

    The Ultimate Webinar Check ListWe’ve done the hard work for you. In this comprehensive 79-point webinar check list you get everything you need to stay sane (and on track). Print it off, share it around, use it for every webinar! We also recognise that we all work differently, so we’ve created the check list from three different angles:

    • A check list by role
    • A check list by deadline
    • A check list by process

    Get instant access to this helpful tool and begin running smooth and professional webinars today. Download the Ultimate Webinar Check List now.

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