• Self-Service Webinars

  • Our most popular business webinar solution, where we provide you access to the impressively intuitive Client Portal, where you build, promote, broadcast, and monitor performance of your live webcast. All webcasts will also be available on-demand for the duration of any contract, regardless of length, or number of booked events.

    Do not be daunted by the term ‘self service’, you do not need to have experience of creating and running webinars, an in-house I.T department, or a degree in computing to use this service. The platform is designed in such a way, and our support and guidance is such, that even a complete webcasting novice can create and broadcast a professional, engaging, interactive, and effective webcast.

    What you get with a Self-Service Webcast

    • Up to 90 Minutes broadcasting per event
    • Up to 1000 Live viewers (no limit on registration numbers or on-demand viewers)
    • Record and distribute on-demand presentations for unlimited viewing
    • Automated audio service, integrated webcam, and live screen sharing functionality
    • Integrated presenter bridging with recording capabilities
    • Automated archive creation and publishing
    • Synchronised slides, audience polls, recorded video clips, and URL pushes
    • Registration, email, and audience console templates
    • Real-time reporting, analytics, and sector-specific benchmarking
    • Seamless registration, campaign tracking, and XML data feed included
    • Comprehensive suite of Webcast Platform 10 widgets for console design
    • All Webcasts are available for on-demand access for the duration of the contract

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