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  • Pay as You Go (PAYG) Webinars

  • You will no doubt have noticed that we reference ‘contracts’ with regard to our webcasting solutions, that’s because that’s how professional webcast providers work, by signing you up for a set number of webcasts, over a set period of time, we can keep the costs down and, in turn, offer you a reduced rate.

    No other providers of this platform offer a PAYG option as, for them, it’s “not worth the hassle”

    247 Webcasting is different. We like to keep things simple.

    We don’t believe we should dictate to our clients what they can, and can’t, have and we would never turn a customer away because they only wanted the one webcast, or don’t want to immediately commit to a webinar contract.

    Basically, if you only want one webcast, we’ll provide you with just the one webcast!

    Your PAYG Webinar options

    Pay As You Go (PAYG)
    1. You contact us with your Webinar requirements
    2. We agree on the perfect option for your needs
    3. We book in your event
    4. You pay prior to your event going live
    5. Your Webinar is broadcast live to your audience

    ... It really is that simple!

    Prepaid Top-Ups

    This option is just as simple as our PAYG offering, except you have a Cash Account with 247 Webcasting which you ‘top up’ whenever you like, with 2 events at a time, and these events are available to you whenever you wish to use them.

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