Industry takeover: The Rise of PAYG Webinars

Welcome to the next generation of the old-school professionalism.

Gone are the days of the “elite” looking after the “elite” with the top-tier tools having top-tier tags (price that is).

We found the leap between “that’ll do” platforms and the platforms that offer everything you need to just be too far apart, even if on the break down on review, it was even slightly feasible, you then have to order a minimum of 15 with a “USE IT OR LOSE IT” policy!

We’ve seen the trend over the past decade or so, subscribe to this, bolt-on for this added extra for this… Not anymore!

For a full-service professional Webinar with an experienced project manager AND PAY AS YOU GO.

We can offer the industry-leading platform as a PAY AS YOU GO professional webinar, fully managed by one of our experienced webcast managers! Don’t believe us…..

Join us at 2:30pm on the 18th of January to find out more.

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