• Global Widget Updates

  • The following widgets and features have been added as stand alone improvements, and thus are available in the Audience Console whether or not you update to the modern Console.

    • Media Player Enhancements: The P10 Media Player has been updated to reflect the standards of modern media viewing trends. The media bar engages hover behavior when viewing video, disappearing after several seconds, providing users a larger view of the video. Users can make the player bar re-appear by hovering their mouse in the video area. As part of the redesign, the pre-set size options for the media player widget have been moved from the bottom right corner of the widget to the media player settings -> configuration.
    • Speaker Bio Widget: ON24 has introduced a new Speaker Bio Widget template, in addition to the ones currently available.
    • Share This Widget: The Share This widget has been permanently redesigned with new icons representing the existing supported social sites.
    • Email a Friend: The Email a Friend widget has been renamed to Refer a Colleague. You may still customize the names of any widgets, as before. No other functionality has been changed for this widget.
    • Widget Settings: In the Console Builder, the settings for Attributes, Configuration, and Delete have been condensed into a gear icon placed on the Chrome, facilitating easy access to these features.

    The following improvements accompany the modern console, focusing on chromes, widget icons, docks, and widget settings. These improvements will only be made available once your account has been converted to the modern console

    • New minimize and maximize icons
    • Squared corners on widget chromes
    • Modernization of existing chrome colors (grey, white, black, transparent) to “flat” versions of the same colors
    • Widget borders can be displayed or hidden based on chrome configuration for the following widgets only:
      o   Resource List
      o   Image
      o   Text
    • For all new events, white is the new default chrome color
    • New widget icons
    • New flattened dock
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