Can My Audience View Webcasts on Mobile Devices?

One of the crucial aspects that webcast producers need to focus on is the mobile capability of their platforms. It is a fact that many of today’s businesses and transactions are happening online, but not everyone is in front of their computers all the time. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are capable of connecting via wireless internet so users can take their businesses and online transactions…


CPD on Webcasts

There are many reasons to offer CPD on your webcast presentations. If you belong to a company or a professional organisation, you can offer more to your employees or business partners through CPD on webcasts. What is CPD? CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a method of continually updating and enhancing the knowledge and skills of your organisation’s members or employees throughout their professional career. It usually occurs through…

Industry takeover: The Rise of PAYG Webinars

Five Ways to Drive Webinar Registration and Viewership

A webinar’s success rests on finding and promoting to a target audience. You can use lead management solutions and marketing automation systems to narrow down and select your target audience based on your industry and viewer interests. However, getting an audience to actually attend your webinar presentation can be a tough challenge. There’s always the chance that only 50%, or even less, will show up on the designated schedule.…